Stump Grinding in Athens GA

Stump Grinding


There is nothing worse to the eye when looking at a landscape than a bunch or even one tree stump. Tree stumps are not only unsightly they can be a liability on your property. and a nuisance to mow around. The best solution to this situation is eliminate the stumps with a stump grinder. If you are handy and looking at one or two small stumps renting a grinder for the day is an option. If there are multiple or large stumps it would be best to have a professional come out to do rhe job. Athens Tree Service has the equipment, the experience, and the time tp eliminate your stumps. We remove all kinds including but not limited to pine, oak, fir, maple tree stumps and more. We will be careful not to disturb any other parts of your landscape. The stump or stumps will be gone and we will leave your property as clean and tidy as possible. Contact us by form or call today for a quote.