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Natures Wrangler Services


Stump Grinding

Nobody likes to see the remaining stump of a tree that has passed. Using the best  and safest equipment available we can make your stumps disappear.


Emergency Tree Removal

In a time of urgency we provide fast and efficient emergency services for tree removal and more.


Commercial Tree Services

We are available for commercial tree and shrubbery services in the Athens Ga  and surrounding areas.


Tree Removal

Tree Removal service is aimed to take care of any problem tree at the best price and in the safest manner.


Tree Pruning/Trimming

We offer trimming and pruning services for all kinds of circumstances. For safety reasons to health and growth grooming and anything between.


Lot Clearing/Storm Cleanup

Lot clearing and cleaning can be for a building site for example. We will also remove underbrush and fallen limbs afer a storm if needed. Big or small we have you covered.

Who We Are

Athens GA Tree Service takes pride in being the reliable, experienced go to tree service in Athens and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide quality work at the most economical rates possible. We put an emphasis on customer satisfaction that is reflected  in our guarantee. Give us a try and you will recommend us to family and friends and we can hang our hat on that. Contact Us Today.

Frequently Asked Questions



Licensed and Insured. This way they have the latest credentials for the job and if something gets damaged they have insurance to pay the repair cost.

Experienced workers who can explain the process as well as the safety plan.

You will want to compare prices to a few other local tree services

Really just good common sense as far as what you want from any company doing work for you and your property.


National average is 1225 to have a tree removed. With a range of $325 for small tree up to $7000 for a large tree.

In Georgia the average cost is $810

A Certified Arborist has a broad base of knowledge about tree and woody plant care, pesticides, planting safety and related technical matters.

It  requires work to keep the tree healthy. It would be best if you watched out for any disease or decay that may harm the tree. Trim and prune the tree regularly to promote healthy growth. Don’t overwater the tree. It may damage the roots. Also, avoid putting too much fertilizer. 

Trees need to be pruned for a number of reasons including: safety, aesthetics and tree health. 



Athens GA Tree Service will do everything in our power to make sure your property and surrounding areas are not damaged during the job> When the job is complete everything will be as orderly and clean as possible.